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the bop sesh does pride

as pride season comes to an end, the bop sesh take the opportunity to discuss some of their favourite pride songs, moments and why music is so important for the lgbtqia+ community. expect discussion around gay icons such as gaga, madonna, janet and kylie minogue. so in such a strange year where you may not have been able to celebrate pride properly, sit back and relax and enjoy the bop sesh pride special and see whether the boys have selected any of your pride favourites. you can also view this episode on youtube: https://youtu.be/C5gP_l4fIsw.


she's severely underrated, she's highly talented and she can perform better than most of the pop girls and she's still going. now, hot off the heels of her new single 'rooted', the bop sesh decide to take a look at princess ciara herself and in particular her 2013 self-titled record. as always, will and ally get into some of their favourite ciara moments from the past, reenact the wildly infamous twitter feud with rihanna and where they'd like ciara to go next.

miley cyrus is... here?

she was coming, then she wasn't. but now... miley cyrus is back once again and it's time for the bop sesh to get stuck into her pop career including the highs, lows, what separates miley from the rest of the pop girls and of course... their opinions on her latest release 'midnight sky'. tune in to discover what songs will and ally have differing opinions on, whether they were into hannah montana and that amazing glastonbury performance.

award show nonsense, beyoncé is king and what's on the way

in a new bop topics episode, it's time for the bop sesh to talk about some of the latest happenings in the music industry. on the list today is a discussion around beyoncé's latest visual album, BLACK IS KING. also, the boys discuss the latest vma nominations and question why dua isn't nominated in any of the major categories. they also get into an important topic about how rina sawayama is not eligible to be nominated at the brits and tinashe's recent article about abolishing genres. finally, it's been a while since will and ally discussed what bops they are listening to at the moment, so they go through some of their current favourites and what they are looking forward to in the coming weeks.


as beyoncé releases another visual album on a streaming service that the bop sesh do not have, the boys decide it's finally the right time to delve into one of her albums. this week, it's the iconic, incomparable, majestic... lemonade. will and ally go into each song, their favourite lemonade moments, the dazzling performances and what they remember about their initial reactions to the album. beyhive and casual fans, don't hurt yourself, don't play yourself... come and listen to a celebration of queen bey and her sixth studio album.

icons: kylie minogue

in the first episode of the icon series; a celebration of pop legends that have endured, innovated and landscaped the music industry, the bop sesh honour one of their all time favourites, kylie minogue. just as she is stepping back into the pop realm with her latest album 'disco', will and ally thought it would be the perfect time to delve into kylie's past and debate their favourite kylie songs, moments and performances. not only has kylie had longevity over the decades, she has also earnt her spot as an icon in the bop sesh series. so sit back, grab a splash and step back in time with the bop sesh and kylie.

the chaotic mid-year review

it's the middle of the year and boy has 2020 been a year to remember (mainly for the bad), but at the bop sesh it's time to look back and focus on the bops that have been delivered up until july. listen as will and ally go through each month and pick two bops each and hear the chaotic sparks fly. don't be fooled by all the positivity though, as the boys introduce a new segment aptly named "i've had it, officially", which features an un-bop related discussion where they discuss their current frustrations with the world.


after taking a short break, the bop sesh is back with their much anticipated review of lady gaga's chromatica. the self proclaimed little monsters spend the episode digging deep into the world of chromatica and drunkenly discuss and debate where they would currently rank the album in lady gaga's discography. as always, the boys get into their highs and lows from the album and argue about whether stupid love was the correct first single or not.

how i'm feeling now

it's time for the bop sesh to finally take a look at charli xcx's groundbreaking quarantine album for this weeks episode. only seven months after the release of charli, charli xcx recorded and released 'how i'm feeling now' while the world was in crisis and will and ally discuss what this album means to them. from the highs to the lows, the boys dissect some of the standout moments and where this leaves charli as a popstar in 2020.

the one about lana del rey's post

it's a pop emergency! in a very special episode, the bop sesh decide to break down the now infamous lana del rey instagram post that caused an uproar online. the boys discuss their initial reactions and how their views have developed over the past couple days. is defending lana the hill that the bop sesh want to die on? (definitely not). also, in more positive news, will and ally discuss their thoughts on the brand new bop from lady gaga and ariana grande, 'rain on me'.


in this episode, the bop sesh give some shine to a few forgotten pop girls of the past who had enjoyed major success but then disappeared from the charts years later. the boys discuss their favourite bops from the girls, what went wrong for them and what makes them deserve justice. these girls include christina milian, stacie orrico, cassie, alexis jordan and more. so come and join us in a celebration of some of our favourite forgotten pop girls.

the best albums of all time

in this episode, will and ally delve into some their favourite albums of all time to give their loyal fans a deeper look into their personal tastes. some of the bop sesh's favourite artists are discussed including lorde, madonna, charli xcx, janet jackson and beyoncé. also, the boys give a special shout out to adele's new younger look and express excitement for the chromatica album finally getting a new release date.

born to die

an album that got slaughtered by the internet and music critics on it's debut, born to die has stood the test of time and now it feels only right for the bop sesh to take a deep dive into the unique sound of lana del rey. will and ally talk about their introduction to lana and how her music shaped the industry in years to come. also, as they go track by track, the boys discover discuss what they may have in common with lana including her penchant for bad boys, smoking cigarettes and daddies.

what to do about a girl called normani

in this episode, will and ally discuss a bop topic that has been on their minds for a while... the status of talented pop girl normani's career and how female artists have to overcome certain obstacles whilst signed to major record labels. looking at other industry examples such as charli xcx, tinashe and doja cat, the boys try to figure out what steps normani could take to get to the top and how the other female artists have found alternative ways to take control back of their career.


on the one year anniversary of seeing her at alexandra palace, the bop sesh takes a deep dive into the sweet sweet world of robyn's honey. going through each track, the boys give their respect to one of the best pop albums of the teenies and reflect on what the album means to them. also, will and ally discuss the swedish pop sensation in greater detail and discuss how robyn has changed pop music forever.

the future nostalgia of dula peep

brought to you by the power of modern technology during these difficult times, the bop sesh returns for a special episode. in the midst of self-isolating, will and ally reunite via some bluetooth gypsy moment of whatever to discuss dua lipa's sophomore album, future nostalgia. going track by track, the boys give their oh so honest review and personally thank dua for giving the gays what they want amongst the chaos of the world right now. so grab a large glass of wine and enjoy.

britney vs xtina

in one of the biggest bop sesh battles yet, the boys take a look at two of the most influential pop girls in history... britney spears and christina aguilera. will and ally talk about their bops, live performances, huge pop culture moments and alleged rivalry. find out which early noughties pop girl comes out on top.

the fame monster

as we step into a new gaga era, the boys at the bop sesh thought it was the right time to take a deep dive into the fame monster era. will and ally get into each and every track from the ep and discuss the videos, the looks, their memories of gaga in 2010 and how the bop sesh wouldn't exist without her. they also talk about her brand new release, stupid love and it's accompanying video... will it make it to bop of the week?

brit awards, bond & queen bee

enjoy a full bop topics episode where will and ally dive into the brit awards 2020 and review the big performances from the night including mabel, stormzy, dave, billie eilish, the two drunken old grandpas and more. they also get into a discussion about the bond, james bond theme songs... or shall we say madge, queen madge's iconic bond song. and never to miss a girls aloud moment, the boys celebrate nicola robert's recent win on the masked singer uk.

battle of the girlbands

in their littest episode yet, the bop sesh decide to take on one of their all-time favourite topics, the girlband. all fired up and feeling alive, will and ally rank some of the most well known girlbands from worst to best in the first 'battle' episode of the series. from the catfights and spotlights in the sugababes line up to the pussycat doll domination featuring nicole scherzinger to trying to the find the harmonies in fifth harmony, find out whether you agree with the rankings and also discover which females the boys believe would make the ultimate girlband. finally, will and ally get into some newly released bops from the past week that are making them move, give their thoughts on the reading and leeds lineup controversy and hear them introduce close friend to the show and personal laughing track, lorcan for the very first time.

thank u, next

join will and ally as they take a deep dive into ariana grande's 'thank u, next' era. the boys discuss all the drama, their favourite tracks and their biggest takeaways from ariana's fifth studio album. will also decides to surprise test ally on his music knowledge with a thank u, next bop quiz. plus, they go over current bop topics including seeing kim petras live in manchester and the release of the new 'birds of prey' film.

latin super bowl excellence & the end of the world

in the first bop topics episode of the series, will and ally let the world know their views on the show stopping super bowl halftime show with jlo and shakira and somehow get to talking about a zombie apocalypse and the troubles melania trump must face in the bedroom. also, as we are coming to the end of award season, the boys discuss their grammy/scammy highlights and lowlights along with their problems with award shows in general. as always, will and ally give our their prestigious bop of the week award as well as having some short but stern words for mother monster's enigma. new episodes weekly.

trash talkin' and the teenies

as they welcome listeners into their worlds for the first time, will and ally give a rundown of their best and worst songs from the teenies, whilst giving mini tributes to the pop girls that defined the past decade for them. no one is safe - including you taylor swift... you stay right where you are. the boys also discuss recent bop topics and give out their highly prestigious bop of the week award.

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